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Salah Mate

Salah Mate is a completely free solution designed specifically for mosques, helping you stay connected to prayer times and receive important announcements from your local mosque. This innovative tool ensures you never miss a moment of devotion and stay informed about your mosque community.

Key Features of Salah Mate

Accurate Prayer Time

Receive precise prayer times directly on your mobile device, ensuring you stay on schedule for all prayers.

Instant Mosque

Stay updated with important announcements and updates from your mosque in real-time.

Effortless Community

Easily connect with your local mosque community by scanning a QR code in the mosque, automatically adding you to the WhatsApp group.

Upcoming Features

(Next 6-12 Months)

Feedback Collection

Gather and manage feedback from the community.

Donations and Contributions

Facilitate easy and secure donations for individual mosques.

Nearby Mosque Search

Find mosques close to your current location at specific prayer times.

Timings Updates for Users' Current Location

Get accurate prayer times based on your location.

Directions to Mosques

Navigate easily to nearby mosques.

Global Prayer Time APIs Integration

Access prayer times globally with reliable data sources.

For Mosque Admins

How It Works

Log in to Admin Dashboard

Receive precise prayer times directly on your mobile device, ensuring you stay on schedule for all prayers.

Update Prayer Timings

Admins manually input and update prayer times for the mosque as needed.

Instant Notifications

Once updated, prayer time notifications are automatically sent to the mosque’s WhatsApp group.

Key Features for Admins

Simple Interface

User-friendly dashboard for easy management.

Quick Updates

Swiftly update prayer timings and announcements.

Automated Notifications

Ensure timely delivery of information to congregants.

For Congregants

How It Works

Scan the QR Code

Congregants scan the QR code displayed in the mosque.

Automatic Group Addition

Users are automatically added to the mosque’s WhatsApp group, receiving all updates and notifications seamlessly.

Key Features for Congregants

Seamless Connectivity

Easily join and stay connected to your mosque community with just a scan

Real-Time Updates

Get timely notifications about prayer times and mosque announcements.

Enhanced Engagement

Stay engaged with your local mosque activities and updates.


Enhanced Community Engagement

Strengthen your connection with the mosque community through timely updates and notifications.

Improved Time Management

Never miss a prayer with accurate and reliable notifications.

Paperless Communication

Reduce the need for physical notices and announcements, creating an eco-friendly environment.

Real-Time Interaction

Receive instant updates and stay informed about mosque activities and announcements.

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