Welcome to EntryTrack Revolutionizing Gate Pass Management


Managing visitor entries and tracking items moving in and out of your company premises has never been simpler. EntryTrack is a cutting-edge gate pass system designed to streamline and automate the entire process, ensuring robust security, unparalleled efficiency, and complete transparency.

Why Choose Entry Track?

Unmatched Security

Monitor every visitor and item with detailed logs and real-time alerts. Prevent unauthorized access and ensure compliance with security protocols.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate entry and exit processes to eliminate manual errors and reduce waiting times. Streamlined operations lead to increased productivity.

Customizable Filters

Advanced search and filter options by department, item group, or category for precise tracking. Tailor the system to meet your unique business needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports on gate pass activities to ensure accountability and improve decision-making. Access insights and trends with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design ensures quick adoption with minimal training required. Accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

How It Works

(Next 6-12 Months)

Login Securely

Use your credentials to login and access the Entry Track dashboard.

Manage Gate Passes

View, approve, and manage pending gate passes with comprehensive details.

Generate Reports

Access detailed reports for gate pass activities, visitor entries, and more.

Search and Filter

Use advanced search and filter options to quickly locate specific gate passes or visitor records.

User Management

Add, edit, and manage users to maintain system integrity and security.

Key Features

Secure Login

Safeguard access with secure login credentials and “remember me” functionality.

Dynamic Dashboard

Instant overview of pending, regenerated, non-refundable, and total gate passes. Easily manage and prioritize tasks from a single interface.

Detailed Gate Pass Management

View and manage pending gate passes with information on manager name, time, and date.
Comprehensive details for each gate pass, including serial number, user information, sender and receiver details, vehicle info, and status.

Advanced Search & Filter

Powerful search functionality to quickly locate gate passes. Filter results by department, item group, or category to streamline your workflow.

Out Reports

Generate detailed out reports, including manager name, time, and date. Search by date range and apply filters to get precise data.

Returnable and Non-Returnable Gate Pass Management

Separate modules for handling returnable and non-returnable gate passes. Ensure proper tracking and accountability of all items.

Visitor Gate Pass Management

Manage and report on visitor entries with ease. Secure and efficient tracking of all visitors.

User Management

Add new users, assign roles, and manage permissions effortlessly. Edit and delete user details to keep your system up to date

Settings and Customization

Easily update admin details and customize system settings. Save and apply changes with a single click.

Logout and Security

Securely logout with a confirmation popup to ensure data protection.

Real-World Applications

Manufacturing Plants

Ensure that all raw materials and finished goods are accurately tracked and managed.

Corporate Offices

Securely manage visitor entries and package deliveries to and from the office.


Streamline the entry and exit of goods to maintain inventory accuracy.

Educational Institutions

Monitor and control access to campus facilities, ensuring student safety.

Healthcare Facilities

Track the movement of medical supplies and manage visitor entries effectively.

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