E-Licensing: Transforming Governance for Efficient Business Management


Welcome to E-Licensing by Tekscrum, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline municipal management and enhance business efficiency. Our system simplifies complex processes, increases transparency, and provides valuable data insights, bridging the gap between governance and technology.

Key Features

Trade License Management

Simplify business registration for a seamless onboarding experience.

Challan Generation

Efficiently generate municipal service and property tax challans, reducing administrative burdens.

1% Property Tax Collection

Ensure accurate and timely property tax payments.

Real-Time Mapping & Analytics

Utilize GIS-based mapping for spatial insights and quick data analysis.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design for easy navigation and operation.

Bank Manager Portal

Directly verify and update payments in real-time, integrating seamlessly with bank accounts.

Advanced Reporting

E-Licensing offers robust reporting features to keep track of municipal operations and performance.

Customizable Reports

Generate detailed reports tailored to specific needs.

Real-Time Data Access

Get instant access to up-to-date information.

Performance Metrics

Monitor key performance indicators to gauge efficiency.

Trend Analysis

Analyze data trends over time for strategic planning.


Increased Revenue Collection

Boost revenue through streamlined processes.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Improve the quality of data captured and used.

Efficient Processing

Accelerate the handling of registrations and challans.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Minimize paperwork and manual tasks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Gain immediate access to critical data for informed decision-making.

Secure Transactions

Ensure the authenticity of transactions with QR code verification.

Paperless Environment

Eliminate the need for paper, creating an eco-friendly process.

Future Enhancements

At Tekscrum, we are committed to continuous improvement and are actively developing new features for E-Licensing:

Advertisement Tax Management

Streamline advertisement tax processing.

Road Cutting Permissions

Simplify the handling of road cutting permits.

Expansion Capabilities

Extend the solution to serve more municipalities.

User Feedback Integration

Incorporate user feedback for ongoing enhancements.